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With Fiesta coming to an end on April 30th, you might think there’s nothing left to do because your wallet is holding nothing but business cards you politely accepted and never intended to use. Maybe because you were the victim of the parking ticket scam we warned you about. Maybe you forgot to budget for
If there’s one thing you can count on when you have good credit, are auto loans. And who doesn’t love the kind of fast and furious cars Vin Diesel pilots past tanks and submarines? Granted, good credit is not the same as good income. Nobody is selling you on the idea that good credit will
Unfortunately for many Americans, the parking ticket scam has become a pimple on the surface of living and lifestyle. In fact, figuring out a way to scam people out of their hard earned money through traffic tickets is so simple, a 16 year old can, and did, precisely that according to Chester County Police in
By David Castillo For (almost) every American… Taxes are the boogeymen of financial stress – or as we like to joke, taxes are simply contributions determined by the greed of the state, to nourish the selfishness of the citizen. And nowhere is your selfishness better rewarded than Fiesta. While there are plenty of ways to save
By David Castillo If you’re reading this, we’d like to think you’ve been to the Credit Repairmen, used our services, and profited as a result of making smart life choices. If you haven’t, we’re not the tax man. You still have time. In case you didn’t know, Earth Day is April 22nd, and there are