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August 8th is national dollar day, which is a good time to remind yourself that you can probably be better with your money today than you were yesterday. We’re so used to swiping and slotting plastic cards into machines that it’s easy to forget exactly how much we’re spending. If we have cash, there’s a

A Brief History of Moneylending

The very concept of moneylending has a rich and deep history. Money itself began as a system of promises overseen by third parties, such as priests. That history is so deep, it’s probably in places you wouldn’t expect. For example, the Bible explicitly uses words like “money” and “lend” in the Old Testament. Usury is

The Bad Credit Disadvantage

No, there’s nothing wrong with your reading. $5 billion in student loans vanished overnight. The National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts is one of America’s biggest (private) student loan owners. They own 800,000 student loans in point of fact, worth upward of $12 billion. $5 billion of those loans are now off the books thanks to a
Want to know how to budget? First you must know how to give. The French philosopher and journalist, Albert Camus, famously wrote, “real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present”. July 15th is Give Something Away Day. Camus was talking about topics beyond charity. But his words still resonate. Charities, after