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Frequently Asked Questions

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It all starts by knowing exactly what is being reported on your credit report from all THREE credit bureaus. You can give us a call at (800)219-9935 and one of our expert credit advisors can give you a free credit evaluation. From there, your credit advisor will guide you what plans will work best for your credit.

Yes. The amount of negative items that gets deleted from everyone’s credit report can be very different because no two situations are the same. If an item is not 100% Accurate, 100% Verifiable, and Timely we will work diligently until we are able to help you get it removed. In addition to working on the questionable items that may be on your credit report everyone will benefit by the additional tried and true tactics we will teach you to both raise and maintain your credit score.

You may see items getting removed in as little as 30 days but the total process typically takes longer than that.

We have a Pay-for-Success pricing model, which means you only pay once we get negative items removed from your credit report. We also set a maximum charge for the number of items we will bill you for after we delete them. We do have a Consultation Fee to get started in the program that ranges based on the severity of negative items on your report.

NO! One of the biggest misconceptions among customers is that paying a collection will cause the score to go up. This is not true. In fact, your score is likely to go DOWN.


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