Being on your own for the first time can be exciting and liberating, but be mindful not to make the following credit mistakes that could haunt you for a very long time. Abusing easy credit As a student, you are an easy target for credit card companies. You are easily approved and can spend money

How does a Rent-to-Own Agreement Work?

We hear the term “rent-to-own” often, but do you really understand what it involves and how it could work for you in purchasing a home? Rent-to-own, also known as a lease option, is a contract that allows renters to lease a property and, at the end of the lease (usually one to three years), have

7 Lessons in Making Life Affordable

Life is hectic.  Sometimes we feel a lack of control over our finances, credit and budget.  Here are some steps on how to make your life more affordable and plan for the future. #1 Always check your credit and stay on top of any impending problems or issues. #2 Create a budget.  Use a spreadsheet

Where Do I Go When I Need Money?

Financial Institutions The most traditional place to borrow money is from a financial institution such as a bank or credit union. These small personal loans do not require any type of collateral, but do require a decent credit history to qualify. Personal loans generally have more competitive interest rates than options like payday loans, and
It’s stressful enough to be in debt and worry about how you’re going to make your next payment. Receiving calls from debt collectors just adds a feeling of dread, even when you are in the comfort of your own home. Luckily, you not only have certain rights when it comes to dealing with collection agencies,

What Financial Help Service Do I Need?

Consumers have lots of options when it comes to getting help with finances. Oftentimes you can fix your problems on your own, but there are certain situations when you can benefit from the help of a professional. Make an informed decision by learning about the different types of financial help services available, and which may

The Traditional Home Buying Process

Owning a home comes with a wealth of benefits: you avoid having to deal with landlords, you can do just about anything you want to your property, and you build equity in a long-term investment. While there are many ways to finance your homeownership goals, first learn about the traditional process so you know what

The Truth About Payday and Title Loans

What are Payday and Title Loans? Payday and title loans allow you to borrow a small amount of cash for a short amount of time, using either your next paycheck or your car title as collateral. Lenders also have minimal credit requirements, making it an appealing option for people with low credit. While these loans
Buying a home can be a beneficial investment over the years, and there are many ways to finance this goal. Obtaining a traditional mortgage, renting to own, and finding owner financing are three common methods, but which is right for you? Read on to find out what each type of financing entails, and who they
With the cost of college tuition soaring in the U.S., the number of student loans in default is at 13.7%. Unlike most other types of loans, student loans do not go away, even if you declare bankruptcy. So what can you do if your loan is in default? Just a few simple steps can help