President Logan Skidmore on Great Day SA

The Credit Repairmen’s own Logan Skidmore, President and Owner, is featured on Kens5’s Great Day SA talking about how Credit Repair works. For more info about our Credit Repair program, give us a call at (210) 520-0444 and receive a FREE Credit Report Analysis.
You don’t need to have kids to know the stress that comes from the back-to-school season – increased morning traffic, having to watch out you’re not driving over the speed limit in a school zone, not to mention dealing with the aftermath of chaos in the school supplies or clothing departments. There is a solution
In Case You Missed It: On August 3rd, The Credit Repairmen hosted their Realtor & Loan Officer Appreciation Open House at the Credit Repairmen Headquarters.  Below are some of the photos taken throughout the successful event/  

The Bad Credit Disadvantage

There are things that we know would be reported on our credit reports such as credit cards, financed vehicles, a mortgage. However, there are certain items that CAN appear on your credit report that you may not be aware of that can affect your FICO score.   Business Credit Cards: Many times when opening a
Spring is the time for buying a home. The weather’s nice, families are looking to find newer nicer homes and people are looking for a change of pace. Here are a few pieces of helpful information on home buying and home loans this warm Spring season. Getting a home loan is a sometimes arduous task

The Impact of Bad Credit

Bad credit is something often talked about but seldom understood. Bad credit can impact plenty of factors in daily life and understanding how bad credit can hold you back can help you make better decisions about spending, budgeting and managing your own credit. First let’s understand credit scores in general. A FICO credit score is

Rent To Own

For some people seeking a home, or selling a home, the “rent-to-own” home may be the best option. As a homeowner looking to sell, you may find your home sitting on the market month after month. As someone looking for a home, you may find yourself in a market where it makes more financial sense

Owner-Financed Homes

Owner Financed homes are like most things as they have both good and bad things associated with them. Some of the benefits of an owner finance home is you do not have to meet the banks strict criteria for a mortgage loan. Owners (or investors) will typically have their own criteria in determining who qualifies