Celebrating Geek Pride Day is something we use to do in the comfort of our own shame. But geeks are “en vogue” thanks to a Spaniard who turned a human game of Pac-Man into a worldwide holiday. If you’ve been following us, you probably need a pick me up after reading about the sinister big
What determines where you live? Where you can work? What you can afford? While your personal choices are important, the credit bureaus help answer these questions too. And there’s a hidden truth to their practices you need to know. If lenders want to know if you’re trustworthy, they don’t use your testimony. They use your
In honor of bike to work day this Friday, let’s look at some sobering numbers. When you calculate the cost of gas, tires, oil, and car maintenance- as the good people at Life Hacker have done- the average American ends up spending $0.17 per mile. Considering that we drive approximately 10,658 miles per year, that’s $1,811.86
Every year, Mother’s Day requires each and every person to reflect on the person that delivered them into this world. As we reflect, we also spend lots of money. The holiday is a billion dollar industry in fact. But we don’t spend a lot because we’re blind consumers (true for some, granted), but because when
Financial stress is difficult enough as is. But it turns out, financial stress is more painful for you. Literally. That was the finding of Eileen Chou, a public policy professor at the University of Virginia. According to an analysis of 33,720 households, Chou found that people reported twice the amount of physical pain during financially
With Fiesta behind us, Cinco De Mayo promises equal opportunities for more good company, and good food. Celebrate this holiday with five delicious San Antonio restaurants, starting with the best gelato in town. South Alamode (S Alamo St) (Source) South Alamode (located near the Blue Star Company near downtown) is easily the most interesting, and
May 4th is Stars Wars Day, which means nerds and non-nerds alike get to debate whether Greedo shot first, or how much you’re looking forward to the new film, The Last Jedi. It also means your wallet is losing some weight for the coolest Stars Wars swag in the only galaxy that isn’t far away. Welcome
With teacher appreciation week underway, it’s always important to remember the unsung heroes of inspiration. The people that push us to be wiser tomorrow than we are today. These people may not always be teachers. There was that dentist responsible for George Washington’s dentures (carved from hippo tusk) who seemed integral to Washington’s personal growth.
With Fiesta coming to an end on April 30th, you might think there’s nothing left to do because your wallet is holding nothing but business cards you politely accepted and never intended to use. Maybe because you were the victim of the parking ticket scam we warned you about. Maybe you forgot to budget for
If there’s one thing you can count on when you have good credit, are auto loans. And who doesn’t love the kind of fast and furious cars Vin Diesel pilots past tanks and submarines? Granted, good credit is not the same as good income. Nobody is selling you on the idea that good credit will