It’s easy to measure the many ways that bad credit can lose you money. But how many ways can it lose you your health? Believe it or not, the credit disadvantage is as measurable as a bank balance.

Mental Anguish

Your ability to stay healthy as you age depends on your cells keeping what are called telomeres: little tips at the end of your chromosomes that are lost every time a cell divides so that you can grow, and heal daily. Stress keeps those telomeres from replenishing themselves!

Pain in the Neck

Literally- People with higher levels of stress because of debt are more likely to have “muscle tension [and] back pain”, according to a 2008 study.

Physical Well-Being

“Debt doesn’t just affect your health, but it can keep you from getting the treatment you need.” According to a 2013 study, people with high levels of medical or credit card debt are LESS LIKELY to visit a doctor or dentist.

Weight Loss / Gain

High stress levels, particularly dealing with high amounts of debt, have shown to affect a person’s weight. Some might be too stressed to eat - and thus lose weight. Others might be affected by higher cortisol levels, which inhibit the burning of fat - resulting in weight gain.

Deflated Ego

A 2014 study researched that adults were “more likely to report [symptoms of depression] when they owed a “high amount of unsecured debt” and “didn’t feel in control of their financial circumstances”, causing lower self - esteem.