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The Credit Repairmen was established in 2011 by a couple of former loan officers and mortgage bankers who were looking to help more people achieve the American Dream. They have built their business because they are truly dedicated to both helping people buy homes and helping loan officers, realtors and real estate professionals build business worth owning. At the credit repairmen our core values aren't just something listed on the wall. They are something that everyone truly lives. Give me an opportunity to show you how we

1) Always do the right thing,
2) Treat everyone like ROCKSTARS! (this includes people that are not always nice to us)
3) We have endless positivity,
4) We are devoted to our mission, and
5) We are very consistent in all of our actions.

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How to Close More DealsIn 5 EASY Steps

Ask your credit challenged prospects if they would like a FREE CREDIT EVALUATION, and when they say "YES", send them our way. If you tell someone "NO", you have a 0% chance of closing that deal.

Step 1

Become a Preferred Partner by completing the form or calling us.

Step 2

Ask your credit-challenged customers if they would like a free evaluation - then send us their contact information.

Step 3

We will build a custom Game Plan for all of your referrals that enroll in one of our comprehensive programs and give you an estimated timeline when we think they will be ready.

Step 4

We will keep you updated and let you know when you should call them even before they are ready.

Step 5

You work your magic and help them use their improved credit to achieve their goal.

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Partner Testimonials

Top 5 Reasons Most Lenders & Realtors Choose Us:

1) Awesome communication and notifications so you always know where your future buyers are in the process
2) Dedicated Account representatives for both you and your business and your customers
3) We are a pay-for-success company
4) Our excellent testimonials and A+ rating with the BBB shows it really works
5) Free Evaluations & Free Dispute Language Removal for customers

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