With a new year underway, it’s a great time to sit down and perform a self-evaluation of your personal financial position. Like going to the doctor, a personal financial audit is something many people put off until they have to do it, and sometimes, that’s too late. Luckily checking the pulse of your financial health

Simple Steps to Prepare for Retirement

You’re never too young or too old to prepare for retirement. No matter your age, there are several steps to help you plan for your golden years. From investments to insurance, the actions you take now will affect your lifestyle and wellbeing in the years to come.   Invest in a Retirement Plan Contributing to

Personal Finance 101

Managing your general finances comes with a lot of details and nuances that are hard to keep track of. To get started, review this list of common financial topics and transactions to guide you in the right direction as you map out your financial future.   Credit First and foremost, familiarize yourself with your credit
Coming out of bankruptcy proceedings may initially bring you peace of mind because it is finally over.  But then you are hit with the next unfortunate phase of the process and that is trying to repair your credit. Even though many people have been through the bankruptcy system, many find it embarrassing and therefore, don’t
A simple slip or a serious health issue can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills. There are more than 45 million Americans without health insurance, nearly half of which have outstanding medical debts, averaging $9,000 per person. Even if you have insurance, you could end up with catastrophic debt or even in bankruptcy.