By David Castillo How Do Student Loans Affect Your Credit? Student loans stalk like a horror movie slasher villain. As early as 2014, student debt topped $1 trillion to confirm its status as one of debt’s essential boogeymen. However, the question the astute reader wants to know is, how do student loans affect me? Your
With the cost of college tuition soaring in the U.S., the number of student loans in default is at 13.7%. Unlike most other types of loans, student loans do not go away, even if you declare bankruptcy. So what can you do if your loan is in default? Just a few simple steps can help

Student Loan Consolidation

Student Loan Consolidation allows you to group all of your federal loans together into a single interest rate and repayment term. While your average interest rate most likely won’t save you money, you can lower your monthly payments by extending your repayment period, making this a good option for people who are having trouble making ends

Private Student Loans

It’s no secret that college tuition is soaring these days, whether your child is attending a public or private institution. For some families, federal financial aid and scholarships simply don’t cover the gap needed to make tuition payments. Luckily, the private market for student loans continues to expand, making rates and terms more competitive for