7 Lessons in Making Life Affordable

Life is hectic.  Sometimes we feel a lack of control over our finances, credit and budget.  Here are some steps on how to make your life more affordable and plan for the future. #1 Always check your credit and stay on top of any impending problems or issues. #2 Create a budget.  Use a spreadsheet
Coming out of bankruptcy proceedings may initially bring you peace of mind because it is finally over.  But then you are hit with the next unfortunate phase of the process and that is trying to repair your credit. Even though many people have been through the bankruptcy system, many find it embarrassing and therefore, don’t
When you’re in the market for a credit card, it’s worth your time to shop around. The deal you snag now can pay off for years to come. But before you start comparing interest rates, fees, and rewards, you should review your credit reports and scores. The information in your credit report – and the
  Buyer Beware: In the credit repair industry, there are three different styles of businesses.   Local “Mom & Pop” Shops: These local businesses typically have one or two part time employees that attempt to repair your credit. They are not true credit professionals and they do not typically keep up with industry changes. In
The majority of people who already know they have credit problems don’t know how to read their credit report or where to begin to fix it. Many try to repair their credit on their own and get discouraged by the process and give up. The difference between trying to fix your own credit score and
The world is a credit-conscious place. You have to constantly prove to creditors that you’re trustworthy in order to get the best rates for your loans and mortgages. But as with most things, maintaining a healthy credit profile is a lot easier said than it’s done. What is Credit Repair? Credit repair can be something
Keeping your credit profile in tip-top shape will help you secure good credit ratings for your future loans and mortgages. You have to prove your trustworthiness to creditors by showing them that you pay for the things you buy. The only way to start building your credit profile is to start buying on credit. Building
One of the biggest stories over the holidays was Target’s data breach, where credit and debit card accounts of more than 40 million customer, who shopped between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, were stolen. This theft was said to be the second-largest credit card breach in U.S. history. According to a Kens5 story, the stolen
  In that same spirit, we’d like to tell you how credit building is similar to building your Thanksgiving plate. Yes, seriously.   This is a great way to learn about credit building. While one part of your brain is distracted by the food, the other side will be learning. It’s genius. That’s why lunch

Beware of the holiday (debt) pounds

Beware of the holiday (debt) pounds
  Everyone is bracing themselves for the holiday pounds from the delicious holiday food, but few are planning for holiday pounds from something else: credit card debt.   Using your credit card during the holidays isn’t forbidden, but having a plan will ensure you won’t get yourself in trouble.   Create a budget   Budgets