There are things that we know would be reported on our credit reports such as credit cards, financed vehicles, a mortgage. However, there are certain items that CAN appear on your credit report that you may not be aware of that can affect your FICO score.   Business Credit Cards: Many times when opening a

7 Lessons in Making Life Affordable

Life is hectic.  Sometimes we feel a lack of control over our finances, credit and budget.  Here are some steps on how to make your life more affordable and plan for the future. #1 Always check your credit and stay on top of any impending problems or issues. #2 Create a budget.  Use a spreadsheet
When you’re in the market for a credit card, it’s worth your time to shop around. The deal you snag now can pay off for years to come. But before you start comparing interest rates, fees, and rewards, you should review your credit reports and scores. The information in your credit report – and the
A simple slip or a serious health issue can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills. There are more than 45 million Americans without health insurance, nearly half of which have outstanding medical debts, averaging $9,000 per person. Even if you have insurance, you could end up with catastrophic debt or even in bankruptcy.

Nine Ways to Ruin your Credit

  1. Closing Old Credit Cards Age of File (or accounts) makes up 15% of your FICO score; Debt Utilization also makes up 30% of your score so by closing those old cards you lose potential points because you do not have as much credit available in addition to the fact that they will stop
  Buyer Beware: In the credit repair industry, there are three different styles of businesses.   Local “Mom & Pop” Shops: These local businesses typically have one or two part time employees that attempt to repair your credit. They are not true credit professionals and they do not typically keep up with industry changes. In

Credit Scores and Mortgage Loans

Tips on Getting Approval with your Bad Credit Mortgage Loan Good credit scores are required for many monetary transactions that any adult may have to undergo. A good example of these transactions would be the need for someone to apply for a mortgage loan. All types of loans would make the bank or lending company investigate your
One of the biggest stories over the holidays was Target’s data breach, where credit and debit card accounts of more than 40 million customer, who shopped between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, were stolen. This theft was said to be the second-largest credit card breach in U.S. history. According to a Kens5 story, the stolen

The right way to use a credit card

The right way to use a credit card
  But before you put down the scissors and get your shopping shoes ready, let’s talk about using a credit card the right way. And that doesn’t include maxing out your credit cards.   Disclaimer: If you’re struggling to manage your spending habits and are tempted to max out your credit cards, it’s best to
It can be difficult to understand why you have bad credit or how to improve your credit, but it really is all about your track record.