1: Check Your Credit Report It is very important to make sure your credit is in good standing. Mortgage companies use your credit score and history to determine your eligibility and your rate. Check out the Credit Education information to learn more. 2: Downsize Your Monthly Expenses Moving from one place to another takes money
The world is a credit-conscious place. You have to constantly prove to creditors that you’re trustworthy in order to get the best rates for your loans and mortgages. But as with most things, maintaining a healthy credit profile is a lot easier said than it’s done. What is Credit Repair? Credit repair can be something

What Your Mortgage Lender Wants to Know

Applying for a mortgage loans? In order to get the best rates on loans and mortgages, you have to be able to prove to prospective creditors that you are trustworthy enough to re-pay your debt. And often enough, the basis of your credit worthiness comes long before you’ve even thought of applying for larger loans
Keeping your credit profile in tip-top shape will help you secure good credit ratings for your future loans and mortgages. You have to prove your trustworthiness to creditors by showing them that you pay for the things you buy. The only way to start building your credit profile is to start buying on credit. Building

How to protect yourself against data breech

One of the biggest stories over the holidays was Target’s data breach, where credit and debit card accounts of more than 40 million customer, who shopped between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, were stolen. This theft was said to be the second-largest credit card breach in U.S. history. According to a Kens5 story, the stolen

Beware of the holiday (debt) pounds

Beware of the holiday (debt) pounds
  Everyone is bracing themselves for the holiday pounds from the delicious holiday food, but few are planning for holiday pounds from something else: credit card debt.   Using your credit card during the holidays isn’t forbidden, but having a plan will ensure you won’t get yourself in trouble.   Create a budget   Budgets

The right way to use a credit card

The right way to use a credit card
  But before you put down the scissors and get your shopping shoes ready, let’s talk about using a credit card the right way. And that doesn’t include maxing out your credit cards.   Disclaimer: If you’re struggling to manage your spending habits and are tempted to max out your credit cards, it’s best to
Read this before you start thinking about a mortgage
  But many people don’t understand what getting a mortgage means, and how it can affect their credit and therefore, their future financial life.   Getting a mortgage requires a large amount of money, almost always leading to loans.   According to Ready for Zero, the standard down payment for a home is 20 percent,
Refinancing your business
  Aside from sweat and tears, starting your business took money, and usually, a lot of it.   How do you finance all of your business needs? You probably don’t forget it, especially if you make that business credit card payment every month.   Things just add up: gas, disposables for the office kitchen, office

Seven credit mistakes to avoid

Seven credit mistakes to avoid
  This is a significant number of people who have the ability to better or ruin their life via credit cards. Credit cards aren’t necessarily bad, but when holders abuse their use, it can be downhill from there. Credit cards can be the tool that gets people in debt and is a main factor to