Can credit affect student loan approval?

Can credit affect student loan approval?
  According to Fox Business, “If you’re applying for a federal parent PLUS loan, a student PLUS loan to pay for graduate school or if you need private student loans to cover a funding gap, your credit history will come into play.” Many times, students just going into college or even graduate students don’t have

High school graduates beware

As high school seniors finish off their last days and get ready to enter into the “real world,” parents and educators should throw out one more reminder of the important decisions they’re about to face: one being credit. Although most college freshmen don’t have to pay for college on their own, some look toward credit

The Credit Repairmen

The Credit Repairmen staff knows that catching up on bills can feel like a long and overwhelming process. Sometimes even, one late payment seems relieving. But try your hardest to refrain from doing so. With this in mind though, here are a few tidbits about credit filing. Ok. Don’t take this for granted. Put it