Every year, Americans endure what we call ‘tax season’. And every year, Americans feel like Paul Revere himself because in 1770, some British chancellor thought the original colonies would be ok with taxes on their tea. And so began the Boston Massacre – as well as the American perception on taxes. But today is not
Everyone has their own version of New Years superstitions. They want to change the way they do things in order to reach next year, and look back to see that they’re a better person. Or so we tell ourselves. Personally, we’re all about that extra 2 percent. Do you feel like eating black eyed peas
Many people understand the basic idea behind debt. You buy things, and when you do, lenders can help you, but if lenders don’t get your money, suddenly the borrower and the lender have an agreement problem. Broken agreements are what we call debt (which is different, though related, from collections). This is the system that
Black Friday has come to be synonymous with deals so great, shoppers will literally punch each other or run each other over for a right to buy the cheapest magnetic doodle house. As a result, there are Black Friday types you need to prepare for (for those that consider shopping an act of war), so
Your credit score  – that three digit number that determines whether or not lenders trust you – takes into account everything you’ve ever bought, borrowed, paid for, or financed. Well, almost everything. You may prefer renting, but your credit doesn’t Most people are familiar with this already. In economic terms, rent doesn’t “build equity”. The
When it comes to spending, there are things that feel bought before we ever swiped a debit card. They are money vampires – animals that suck the life right out of you, and won’t stop even when the lights are out. That’s because we don’t always make conscious decisions. Many of our decisions feel made
If Bitcoin is the future of money, then it stands to reason that if money changes, so will everything else. Alas, a proverbial idiot’s guide to Bitcoin. The first thing you want to know about bitcoin is to avoid wasting your time answering the question ‘how did it start?’ The identity of bitcoin’s founder is
Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor will be one of the biggest boxing events in history. HBO’s former PPV manager, Mark Taffet, claims that the bout could be watched by one in six Americans. The fight even has its own pop band (The Killers) promoting it like halftime at the Super Bowl. Mayweather will make $25M
August 8th is national dollar day, which is a good time to remind yourself that you can probably be better with your money today than you were yesterday. We’re so used to swiping and slotting plastic cards into machines that it’s easy to forget exactly how much we’re spending. If we have cash, there’s a
The very concept of moneylending has a rich and deep history. Money itself began as a system of promises overseen by third parties, such as priests. That history is so deep, it’s probably in places you wouldn’t expect. For example, the Bible explicitly uses words like “money” and “lend” in the Old Testament. Usury is