There are a lot of words we think of when we see the words “cost-effective”: cheap, lesser, affordable, etc. But let’s look at it another way. Could you ever afford your summer vacation to begin with? Not according to the Federal Reserve. According to their latest report, only 1 in 5 Americans report paying off
Spring Break is not just about forgetting everything that happened the night before. It can be about spending quality time with your family. Unlike in college—where money is actively wasted—spending spring break with your family is about saving money. And that means working with a real budget. It Starts with Savings One of the quickest
Believe it or not, money laws go all the way back to Aristotle. The ancient Greek philosopher famously called moneylending “the birth of money from money.” Even the Bible says “love ye enemies, do good, and lend, hoping for nothing thereby.” Early in our collective history, moneylending was seen as a personal transaction; an act
There’s nothing wrong with online dating, but there’s a sad, dark business to online romance scams resulting in lots of lost consumer cash. According to FBI’s complaint center,  the bureau reported 15,000 romance scams, resulting in a combined $230 million in consumer losses.  Some of the reports involved soft scams, such as one partner asking the
It can be difficult to think of a gift for Father’s Day. Either because you’re late to the sales party, or because he doesn’t always like the things you buy. Make it easy on yourself and ask yourself: what silly but similar TV dad is my father, what would he want for Father’s Day? In