Unless you’re Jeff Bezos, and the holidays push your net worth to 12 figures, the holiday breaks themselves are generally hard to keep business flowing the way you’d want. After all, it’s not just workers asking for a vacation, recovering from food comas, or broke from family Christmas shopping. It’s probably you too, the small
No, there’s nothing wrong with your reading. $5 billion in student loans vanished overnight. The National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts is one of America’s biggest (private) student loan owners. They own 800,000 student loans in point of fact, worth upward of $12 billion. $5 billion of those loans are now off the books thanks to a
Want to know how to budget? First you must know how to give. The French philosopher and journalist, Albert Camus, famously wrote, “real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present”. July 15th is Give Something Away Day. Camus was talking about topics beyond charity. But his words still resonate. Charities, after
Many economists are predicting that auto loans could set Americans up for another financial crash. New cars cost an average of $35,000. That is a considerable uptick from the average several years ago – $31,000. Given that 86 percent of all Americans use a car to get to work, something wicked this way might be
It can be difficult to think of a gift for Father’s Day. Either because you’re late to the sales party, or because he doesn’t always like the things you buy. Make it easy on yourself and ask yourself: what silly but similar TV dad is my father, what would he want for Father’s Day? In
Memorial Day expenses aren’t cheap. Millions of Americans each Memorial weekend either spend a lot of money on travel, or BBQ. Memorial Day is a somber holiday when you think about it. It used to be divided into two holidays: Decoration Day versus Confederate Heroes Day. Then World War 1 happened, and things were put
In honor of bike to work day this Friday, let’s look at some sobering numbers. When you calculate the cost of gas, tires, oil, and car maintenance- as the good people at Life Hacker have done- the average American ends up spending $0.17 per mile. Considering that we drive approximately 10,658 miles per year, that’s $1,811.86
With Fiesta behind us, Cinco De Mayo promises equal opportunities for more good company, and good food. Celebrate this holiday with five delicious San Antonio restaurants, starting with the best gelato in town. South Alamode (S Alamo St) (Source) South Alamode (located near the Blue Star Company near downtown) is easily the most interesting, and
With Fiesta coming to an end on April 30th, you might think there’s nothing left to do because your wallet is holding nothing but business cards you politely accepted and never intended to use. Maybe because you were the victim of the parking ticket scam we warned you about. Maybe you forgot to budget for
Unfortunately for many Americans, the parking ticket scam has become a pimple on the surface of living and lifestyle. In fact, figuring out a way to scam people out of their hard earned money through traffic tickets is so simple, a 16 year old can, and did, precisely that according to Chester County Police in