Student loans are a source of discomfort for many Americans. They’re worth it—which the evidence backs up—but the cost can feel too high for some. According to the Federal Reserve’s recent report, the average debt for student loans is $36,299. 52 percent of borrowers under the age of 25 report that someone else is assisting
We all know when to appreciate a teacher. But do we understand how, or what for? I suspect, on the whole, we don’t (though we try). It’s enjoyable to remember how cool some of our teacher’s rooms looked—especially as the Halloween-Snicker-sized little anklebiters we used to be. But now that we’re adults, we know what
For most college students, education is the only thing worth worrying about—everything else can wait. That’s just plain nonsense.     More than 70 percent of students with a bachelor’s degree end up borrowing an average of $29,400. Student loan debt has passed the $1 trillion mark, and $66 billion of that is coming from grandparents
No, there’s nothing wrong with your reading. $5 billion in student loans vanished overnight. The National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts is one of America’s biggest (private) student loan owners. They own 800,000 student loans in point of fact, worth upward of $12 billion. $5 billion of those loans are now off the books thanks to a
By David Castillo How Do Student Loans Affect Your Credit? Student loans stalk like a horror movie slasher villain. As early as 2014, student debt topped $1 trillion to confirm its status as one of debt’s essential boogeymen. However, the question the astute reader wants to know is, how do student loans affect me? Your
Being on your own for the first time can be exciting and liberating, but be mindful not to make the following credit mistakes that could haunt you for a very long time. Abusing easy credit As a student, you are an easy target for credit card companies. You are easily approved and can spend money
Coming out of bankruptcy proceedings may initially bring you peace of mind because it is finally over.  But then you are hit with the next unfortunate phase of the process and that is trying to repair your credit. Even though many people have been through the bankruptcy system, many find it embarrassing and therefore, don’t

Can credit affect student loan approval?

Can credit affect student loan approval?
  According to Fox Business, “If you’re applying for a federal parent PLUS loan, a student PLUS loan to pay for graduate school or if you need private student loans to cover a funding gap, your credit history will come into play.” Many times, students just going into college or even graduate students don’t have
The Credit Repairmen wants to provide our customers with the best practices and advice from like industries. This is just one guide for saving money for college and throughout college. The most important thing is to keep up with payments to any loans you may have to take out and create a budget. It’s easy to

Understanding the cost of college

It’s not often that high school students really understand the cost of college or how they (or their parents) are going to pay for it. Even with advising from counselors, high school seniors are thinking about friends, events and college life rather than the boring, grown up information that’s actually going to get them into