Drones and VR are transforming real estate. To the surprise of no one, of course. After all, technology has changed everything else, from how we communicate in general, to how we communicate in isolation.  You will never meet Wall-E but for $800 you can meet Kuri – WallE’s nonfictional cousin. Meanwhile, glass batteries offer the promise
It can be difficult to think of a gift for Father’s Day. Either because you’re late to the sales party, or because he doesn’t always like the things you buy. Make it easy on yourself and ask yourself: what silly but similar TV dad is my father, what would he want for Father’s Day? In
Memorial Day expenses aren’t cheap. Millions of Americans each Memorial weekend either spend a lot of money on travel, or BBQ. Memorial Day is a somber holiday when you think about it. It used to be divided into two holidays: Decoration Day versus Confederate Heroes Day. Then World War 1 happened, and things were put
What determines where you live? Where you can work? What you can afford? While your personal choices are important, the credit bureaus help answer these questions too. And there’s a hidden truth to their practices you need to know. If lenders want to know if you’re trustworthy, they don’t use your testimony. They use your
May 4th is Stars Wars Day, which means nerds and non-nerds alike get to debate whether Greedo shot first, or how much you’re looking forward to the new film, The Last Jedi. It also means your wallet is losing some weight for the coolest Stars Wars swag in the only galaxy that isn’t far away. Welcome
Unfortunately for many Americans, the parking ticket scam has become a pimple on the surface of living and lifestyle. In fact, figuring out a way to scam people out of their hard earned money through traffic tickets is so simple, a 16 year old can, and did, precisely that according to Chester County Police in