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Your credit score  – that three digit number that determines whether or not lenders trust you – takes into account everything you’ve ever bought, borrowed, paid for, or financed. Well, almost everything. You may prefer renting, but your credit doesn’t Most people are familiar with this already. In economic terms, rent doesn’t “build equity”. The
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You don’t have to believe in Camp Crystal Lake, or a Poltergeist to step foot in a house that feels haunted. The idea that not just people, but even places can have memories makes just enough sense to have us believing we’re being watched even when we’re alone. And some houses are better at tapping
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With Halloween just around the corner, you don’t need to find scary stories. Sometimes they find you, and unfortunately, the scary story of identity theft is something all too real for Americans. Kind of like money vampires. If you’re in need of escape here’s our sort of definitive list for identity themed movies. Some will
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When it comes to spending, there are things that feel bought before we ever swiped a debit card. They are money vampires – animals that suck the life right out of you, and won’t stop even when the lights are out. That’s because we don’t always make conscious decisions. Many of our decisions feel made
Unfortunately for most Americans, identity theft is a horror that’s no longer confined to subplots for James Bond films. Just ask Amy Krebs. She woke up one day in 2013, receiving a call from a credit card company. It was their fraud department, informing her that someone tried to obtain a credit card in her
If you want to understand bitcoin, you have to understand the part of bitcoin that has everyone talking about why it projects to potentially disrupt so many industries; and that’s the blockchain. Whenever you make a financial transaction, you need a babysitter – someone to make sure that the $100 you gave to HEB, a
If Bitcoin is the future of money, then it stands to reason that if money changes, so will everything else. Alas, a proverbial idiot’s guide to Bitcoin. The first thing you want to know about bitcoin is to avoid wasting your time answering the question ‘how did it start?’ The identity of bitcoin’s founder is

President Logan Skidmore on Great Day SA

The Credit Repairmen’s own Logan Skidmore, President and Owner, is featured on Kens5’s Great Day SA talking about how Credit Repair works. For more info about our Credit Repair program, give us a call at (210) 520-0444 and receive a FREE Credit Report Analysis.
Hurricane Harvey has been nothing short of devastating. It’s expected to cost the country $160 million. But nobody needs numbers to measure the cost. Almost every Texan has family somewhere in Houston. The pictures are horrifying enough. If not downright apocalyptic, as this picture of I-10 illustrates. Before/After comparison of I-10 #flooding between Beaumont and
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Victims of Hurricane Harvey – whether in Houston, Port Arthur (whose status might be gravest of all), Corpus Christi, or Rockport – need your help. But it needs to be help that is informed. While shipping off blankets may be well intentioned, too many supplies at once can disrupt supply lines. For example, cash works
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