“They” say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend – although Leonardo DiCaprio disagrees. There are a number of reasons for that. Psychologists say that diamonds act as “courtship gifts” because it shows us that our significant others see us as “investments”, and apparently girls (and boys, of course) love that. But so do collection
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Getting financially ready is never about making some big drastic change overnight. We like to say things like: “I’ll get a new job” or “I’ll buy that awesome new Corvette” or “I’ll buy that new home”. But as the health and wellness gurus tell us – the change has to be gradual, and has to
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Just like you, we’ve been busy this tax season. We’ve talked about why that tax refund needs to go towards debt, budgeting essentials, and even an idiot’s guide to taxes in general (don’t worry; that title was more for us than you). Now we want to take a break, and focus on silly things we
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With tax seasons under way, everyone can’t wait to to spend their refund money like a lottery ticket. Despite our inner wishes, that tax refund is not a Victoria’s Secret gift certificate. If it is, you either haven’t had to worry about debt, or are about to start. First, a quick refresher: a tax refund
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Late bills are a little like thunder and lighting; you won’t get burned – unless you’re the 1 in  700,000 that gets hit – but your experience won’t be pleasant. Nonetheless, just as you can prepare for the physical storm, you can prepare for the financial one just as easily. It starts with budgeting. Many
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