Unless you’re Jeff Bezos, and the holidays push your net worth to 12 figures, the holiday breaks themselves are generally hard to keep business flowing the way you’d want. After all, it’s not just workers asking for a vacation, recovering from food comas, or broke from family Christmas shopping. It’s probably you too, the small
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Many people understand the basic idea behind debt. You buy things, and when you do, lenders can help you, but if lenders don’t get your money, suddenly the borrower and the lender have an agreement problem. Broken agreements are what we call debt (which is different, though related, from collections). This is the system that
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Credit card fraud has been a problem for a long time, but since 2005 that problem has been growing at an absurd rate. More than half the US population was compromised with the infamous Equifax breach. That number gets worse when you factor in the breaches on Target, Home Depot, Yahoo, and so on. It
Black Friday has come to be synonymous with deals so great, shoppers will literally punch each other or run each other over for a right to buy the cheapest magnetic doodle house. As a result, there are Black Friday types you need to prepare for (for those that consider shopping an act of war), so
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Thanksgiving is different than most holidays. Not only do you spend it with family, but you consume what you spend, even when the goods are overcooked thanks to that one relative you shouldn’t have trusted with the food to begin with. To make sure everything goes according to plan, the Credit Repairmen have our own

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