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Frequently Asked Questions About Credit Repair

Who are The Credit Repairmen?

We are a Full Time, Full Service Credit Restoration Company that helps people improve their credit score so they can achieve their goals. We are way more than just a credit repair company

The Credit Repairmen was established in 2011 by Owners Adam Hetrick and Logan Skidmore.

Our corporate headquarters is located at 6989 Alamo Downs Parkway, San Antonio, Texas 78238 but we have representatives throughout Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.

We are available Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm CST and Saturdays from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm. Additional times are available by appointment. We are closed on Sundays.

General Information About Credit

Your credit score is a number that is calculated based on your credit history such as credit cards, loans, and mortgage history that is used to predict the likelihood that you will default on a debt.  Your credit score can be between 330 - 850. 

Enacted in 1970 by the United States Federal Government (15 U.S.C. § 1681), this legislation is meant to protect consumers and making sure their information being reporting to credit reporting agencies is private, accurate, and fair.

The 3 main credit reporting agencies are Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. 

We recommend 3rd party credit monitoring sites. We prefer IdentityIQ, but there are others that are also good sites. We do not recommend sites that provide credit reports for free because they typically do not include all 3 credit bureaus.

Each credit bureau has access to different information. As a result, different information creates different scores. The advantage of a 3-bureau report is readily identifying discrepancies: just because you don’t have a collection on one report doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist if another bureau is reporting that collection.

No, but if it is past the statute of limitations for the creditor to file a lawsuit it will be much harder for them to try to collect it from you.

NO! One of the biggest misconceptions among customers is that paying a collection will cause the score to go up. This is not true. In fact, your score is likely to go DOWN.

The Credit Repair Program

Yesterday! That answer really depends on your personal goals. Whatever your personal credit and financial goals are, it’s important to remember that credit repair is not an overnight “quick-fix” and takes time. Many people can start to see an increase in their score in as little as 30 days but the process of going from bad credit to good credit typically takes much longer. Your score didn’t get bad overnight and it doesn’t improve that way either.

It all starts by knowing exactly what is being reported on your credit report from all THREE credit bureaus. You can give us a call at (210) 520-0444 and one of our expert credit advisors can give you a free credit evaluation. From there, your credit advisor will guide you what plans will work best for your credit.

You will speak with one of our expert credit advisors will discuss your credit report and how it relates to the FICO pie chart. We will also discuss general strategy for raising your credit score. All of this can be done over the phone; but if you are around the San Antonio, TX area, you can stop by our offices and get a one-on-one consultation with an advisor.

No. Checking your own credit doesn’t have an impact on your credit scores.

We can do a lot of things for ourselves. We can fix an open wound, repair an engine, or make Hollywood films on our own if we really wanted. But how many times are we better off letting a doctor, mechanic, or Hollywood director perform these services rather than ourselves? The world of credit, and by extension, debt, is complicated and vast and everyone else has experts working on their side. Why wouldn’t you want an expert on your side?

Yes. The amount of negative items that gets deleted from everyone’s credit report can be very different because no two situations are the same. If an item is not 100% Accurate, 100% Verifiable, and Timely we will work diligently until we are able to help you get it removed. In addition to working on the questionable items that may be on your credit report everyone will benefit by the additional tried and true tactics we will teach you to both raise and maintain your credit score.

Credit repair works best for people that have already come out of their personal recession. Are you able to afford your existing bills and lifestyle but are being held back from getting good (or any) financing on a new car, home, or loan? If so, we want to talk to you.

You can track your progress using your personalized game plan and our web portal system.

Because it's really frustrating having to retell your story every time you are speaking with a new person. We want you to join our credit repairmen family so your goals become our goals. 

You may see items getting removed in as little as 30 days but the total process typically takes longer than that

Yes, We can help send a Cease and Desist to ask them not to call anymore.

No, We are not a debt settlement company

We only share your personal information with the Credit Bureaus and existing creditors to verify the accounts in question. 

English and Spanish

You do not have to but it's recommended. You can call, text, or go to our website to schedule one.


There is an Initial Investment to cover the Full Consultation and for your Personalized Game Plan. This charge is usually $199, but there are other options depending on the severity of your credit report. After that, you would only pay per deleted item.  

To get credit reports, we help you enroll in a 3rd party Credit Monitoring Company. This allows for regularly updated credit reports so you can verify results. They typically give a 7 day trial period for $1 and then begin charging you monthly for their services.

Yes, you can ancel at any time. You will just have to pay for any work that has already been completed. 

There are other companies that have a monthly pricing model that charges you every month, whether or not they get any items deleted. Since we only charge per deletion, we depend on getting results to stay in business.

We have a Pay-for-Success pricing model, which means you only pay once we get negative items removed from your credit report. We also set a maximum charge for the number of items we will bill you for after we delete them. We do have a Consultation Fee to get started in the program that ranges based on the severity of negative items on your report.

We offer payment in installments once items have been deleted.

To get credit reports we help you enroll in a 3rd party Credit Monitoring Company. This allows you to verify our results. They typically have $1 trial charge for their services and then will send charging you monthly. 

Because we are investing in you and we want you to invest in us as well.

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