About GreenECO Builders

Since 2008, Houston based Greeneco Builders has been committed to constructing the highest quality homes at an affordable price. Our high performing homes contain the latest in features that allow for our customers to maximize their value while being environmentally friendly. Greeneco Builders homes are 100% ENERGY STAR rated plus certified by Environments for Living. These programs ensure our homeowners benefit from a home that is durable, comfortable and energy efficient.

Greeneco Builders was recognized in 2015 as The Next 100 America's Up-and Coming Builder in 2015. Our sales and construction team strives to make the customer experience of building a new home a pleasurable experience by providing excellent customer service. We are dedicated to building homes and communities for your family's lifestyle.

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Why Choose The Credit Repairmen?

The Credit Repairmen help you take action to make the purchases you want without being held back by your credit score.

Our system was designed as a multi step process that puts the power back in your hands. We start with a free evaluation and identification of the items that are hurting your credit score. Followed by multiple Investigations of those negative items; education on specific things to do and not do as well as building helpful positive credit. We give you access to your own personalized dashboard so that you can track your progress in real time and our results are PERMANENT. We are highly trained, registered, bonded and respected experts in our field and want to make sure your credit is fixed for good so that your aren't held back again.

We Can Help.
Our experts will work with you every step of the way to educate you in maintaining and building your credit.