How Does The Credit Repairmen’s
IDentity Theft Recovery help you?

Financial Amenity

Monitoring and detection to ensure nothing is out of the ordinary on your financial timeline.

Protection Development

We sign you up to the right programs, and guide you through breach prevention.

Imminent Security

Even breaches you are not responsible for can cost you depending on your bank’s liability policy; up to $500 if you are not quick to report fraudulent charges. With The Credit Repairmen’s IDTR, no breach will ever cost you just for being a victim.

Know The Stats

Have You been a victim of Identity Theft?

Chances are you have and may not even know it

The amount of credit accounts breached in the United States has averaged 40 million per year since 2005. Nearly 1 million new computer viruses are released each day. With worst case scenarios becoming an increasing reality in the digital age, choose the best case protection.

  • 143 Million
    Equifax (2017)
  • 134 Million
    Heartland Payment Systems (2008)
  • 94 Million
    TJX Companies, Inc (2006)
  • 56 Million
    Home Depot (2014)
  • 40 Million
    Target (2013)


Americans have been hit with a fraudulent charge within the last 5 years

$ 2.5 Billion

Losses due to phishing attacks since 2013

1 in 3

computers are attacked by viruses, spyware, and phishing scams

If Your Data Hasn't Been Stolen Yet, Are You Ready In Case It Does?

In 2016, the IRS reported 42,148 tax returns with over $200 million in fraudulent refunds. We will get you signed up for a thorough recovery plan to protect against worst case scenarios.

The Credit Repairmen offers an identity theft recovery package good for 3-5 years that provides your private identity with the assurance that, if your data is ever stolen or compromised, we will protect your credit at no charge. With so many people's data being stolen every day, the question of "Will my private information be stolen?" has now become, "When will my information be stolen?" and "Am I Prepared for That Moment?"

Are You Ready to Answer that Question Before You Even Need to Ask It?

Choose from 3 or 5 Years of Identity Theft Recovery

  • Dedicated account managers that will help report your case to the FTC
  • Identity theft protection for tax, medical, and debt
  • Organize for fraud alerts and credit freezes
  • Organize for filing potential police reports
  • Credit report corrections
  • Debt collection repair

Are You Ready to Take Control Over Your Personal Data?

1 in 3 Americans become victims of identity theft every year

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