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One of the first things you should prepare for as you think about your first home purchase is financing - or securing a home loan. It’s impossible to think about a home purchase without also thinking about how you will pay for it. It’s smart to make a plan to get your credit in shape and establish a budget. You can create a financial plan, begin learning about the home loan process and review your credit. To help you prepare, it’s beneficial to know how banks will evaluate your mortgage application.


  • Income: Do you have a reliable source of income to make monthly payments?
  • Credit history: What is the probability that you WILL pay those payments on time?
  • Available funds: Do you have enough money for a down payment?
  • Property: What is the market value of the property you’re interested in?


The second thing banks will look at while reviewing your application is your credit history. If it’s down in the dumps, they won’t trust that you will make payments on time. But don’t give up now, The Credit Repairmen can help!

If your end goal is to get approved and buy your dream home, that will be our focus. Once you've completed one of our comprehensive programs, you’ll be able to place a check mark next to credit history because that won’t be a worry.

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Buying a home has many challenges. We can help you with the credit part.

Good credit is built by good, consistent financial decisions.

Start training your mind to think before you swipe. Get a free household budget so you can start taking control of your finances.

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