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Fix Your Credit. Fix Your Life.

Everything financial in your life has your credit score attached to it.

We'll take care of your credit so you can enjoy life again.
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Credit Repair

We understand that hard times can lead to difficult situations. One of our mottos is "Fix your credit, fix your life." Our credit repairmen work with lenders every day to debate negative items. Your score is guaranteed to increase so you can be on your way to a better life. Once we've gotten through this process, we'll help you on your way to fulfilling the dream you came in with.

  • The credit repair process is made simple for you. You sit back and relax while we dispute negative items with the credit bureaus, collection agencies and original creditors. We'll keep you updated as your score changes.

Credit Building

It's going to feel great to see your credit score increase through the credit repair process, but that's not where it ends. We'll also help you understand how to build good credit after you leave our offices. This includes responsibly maintaining three credit cards while paying down and keeping your balances low.

  • We'll keep you informed on things you can do to maintain and build your credit. Part of credit building is "Don't stop learning!" We'll continue to feed you information, tips and guidance so you can maintain your score.

Credit Education

The subject of credit can be boring or even daunting for some, but we want to make it simple. You don't have to understand everything because when you partner with The Credit Repairmen that's our job. we invest time and resources so we can give you the best information and guidance.

  • Whether you're thinking of buying a new home or you need information to protect yourself against identity theft, our experts are ready and available to help. We're constantly in contact with lenders and banks so we can prepare you for the loan process.
"Everything financial in your life has your credit score attached to it. Your credit score determines where you fall in society, and if you are in the have or have not's. You should always be improving"

Logan Skidmore

"Your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your life, and most people unaware of their score and how its calculated. Fix your credit. Fix your life."

Adam Hetrick