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When we say “Credit for Life,” our goal is to improve everything that uses your credit score in the equation. Whether it's renting a house or apartment, buying a car or simply paying a car payment, getting a job or promotion, or just deciding you want a better life, we are here for you! Our goal is to help you transform your life and to put money back in your pocket. There are countless ways the system is stripping you of your wealth or potential which is what we are going to address. Simply disputing the negative items you have on your credit report isn’t going to get you there, but alerting you to the game being played around you will. Here is how we are going to help you move up to the next level.

  • You get Expert Credit Restoration with FICO score optimization - Let's make sure everything on your credit report is 100% Accurate, 100% Verifiable, and Timely. If it's not, we will demand that they remove it.
  • You get Personalized Video Updates every 37 days- What's better than getting a phone call discussing your credit? Getting a video so you can see the changes and view all of the recommendations. This also allows you to view it on your time so you can fully understand what is happening.
  • You Get WEEKLY coaching from our Financial Hacks & Pro Tips Videos- This is a 35-part system designed to help you both achieve your goals AND improve your financial life. These videos are all less than 5 minutes and have specific things that will put money in your pocket. This alone will get you the money back that you spent on credit repair.
  • You Get your very own Tracking Portal- You can review your credit repair results, credit score, to-do's, and recommendations. We will also show you your entire credit report broken down in an easy to understand format and highlight the things that are both helping and hurting your score. You will be able to rewatch a video, review our FAQ or send us a message. This is the HUB that will store your entire journey to better credit.
  • Flexible Payment Options- You can choose to pay monthly or to only pay when you see items getting removed from your credit report.

This is way more than credit repair. When we say "We Fix Broke," we truly mean it, and we're not just talking about your credit score. We are talking about your Credit Life.

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