Could You Overcome Identity Theft?

Here at the Credit Repairmen, we believe in telling the stories of our clients. But we also believe in the people that work for our company, so this will be a running feature introducing you to the employees we believe in as well.   Jackie Garcia is a long time member of our company. Doing what?
With Halloween just around the corner, you don’t need to find scary stories. Sometimes they find you, and unfortunately, the scary story of identity theft is something all too real for Americans. Kind of like money vampires. If you’re in need of escape here’s our sort of definitive list for identity themed movies. Some will
Unfortunately for most Americans, identity theft is a horror that’s no longer confined to subplots for James Bond films. Just ask Amy Krebs. She woke up one day in 2013, receiving a call from a credit card company. It was their fraud department, informing her that someone tried to obtain a credit card in her
If you want to understand bitcoin, you have to understand the part of bitcoin that has everyone talking about why it projects to potentially disrupt so many industries; and that’s the blockchain. Whenever you make a financial transaction, you need a babysitter – someone to make sure that the $100 you gave to HEB, a